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You are invited to join our continuing social experiment. 

The Light of Connection
a Snuggle Event version 2.0, the next generation!
A different way of being together
Next event: Sunday, June 3rd at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, North Shore Maui, Hawaii, see below for directions
Experience heartfelt, authentic connections while getting support to discover and honor your personal boundaries and learning tools for intimate relating
– Do you wish you had a place to go where you can connect meaningfully and playfully with others?
– Would you like more closeness and touch in your life, but without complications?
– Do you wish you could connect more intimately in social settings than just superficial party chatting?
The new and improved version of our snuggle events is being received very well, so we are doing it again, always with some improvements of course:
Some of you may know that we’ve been doing a number of cuddle events and it’s been great fun and we have learned lots from them. Out of this comes a new and improved format that allows for more options and ways of relating. We consider this an ongoing social experiment that will evolve as we fine-tune a setting that allows for ever more fun, sweet, safe and nourishing ways of being together while learning relating skills for your life. (We hope you join us and help us shape this next generation of social gatherings.)
At this next event there will again be 4 distinct spaces (or ways) of playing. Aside from the nurturing, platonic cuddle corner as experienced in our previous cuddle events, we will have 3 other spaces which allows for multiple ways of connecting with yourself and others. Everyone is invited to move between the different spaces freely as their inner guidance directs. We will have a movement corner, this is a space where there will be music playing and you are invited to dance or stretch, by yourself or with others. The third corner is for those who want to allow gentle sensuality, it will still be clothes on and there will be no explicit sexual activity, but in this corner sensual energy flow is welcomed. The 4th space is for exploratory conversation of topics relating to intimate connecting. Each space will be clearly explained and defined at the outset.
Facilitated by Niyaso Carter from the Sacred Loving Institute.
Sunday, June 3rd at 6:30pm, in Haiku, North Shore Maui, see address and directions below
For singles and couples of all backgrounds, age 18 and up
Please note that doors open at 6:30pm for relaxing, mingling and stretching, the event starts promptly at 7pm. You can arrive anytime up to 7pm at which point the doors will be closing and introduction will begin. You are welcome to leave at any point without explanation or good byes, but to create a safe space everyone needs to be there by the 7pm deadline so that everyone catches the introduction and is on the same page.
Our mission for this event is: To provide a safe and trustworthy setting that offers opportunities for respectful, nurturing touch, authentic connecting, relaxation, inspiration and learning of relationship skills
This event is for singles and couples; people of all age groups and walks of life are welcome.
Sunday, June 3rd Doors open at 6:30pm
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE WILL BE CLOSING THE DOORS AT 7pm (this is necessary to create a safe container where everyone understands the rules of play)
See below more details and don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions, either FB message or
phone: 808 572-2234 (please note, this is a landline so no texts will get through)
Humans are tribal animals. Since our biochemistry evolved with humans living in tribes, we are biologically designed to do well with contact. Our bodies are often at their most relaxed when we are close to other people. Research has repeatedly shown that the babies that are held the most right from birth thrive more and have the best chance to develop into well integrated adults that trust the world. Adults who receive plenty of nurturing touch are proven to live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives.
If we still lived in tribal settings, the proximity of other people would allow for much touch and connection throughout the day. Night time story telling, music and dance would be regular occurrences, with people naturally in close contact.
Our events are intended as a warm, welcoming space of high integrity that allows for making new experiences, exploring your needs and wants around touch and connection, as well as simply relaxing and unwinding in a soft space and giving you tools to create satisfying relationships in your life.
Many people have made varying experiences around touch, both growing up and in adult life, some not all positive, so for them the idea of touch is a very mixed one. Some people ask: “I don’t think I would be comfortable touching strangers. How can this work?” It is indeed a delicate thing to get close to others. In this space there will be lots of support to stay in your personal comfort zone and discover your very subjective boundaries moment to moment. You will learn how to know your boundaries and how to communicate them. Touch is always consensual and the introduction gives super clear guidelines to safeguard this. There is absolutely nothing you need to do. You can sit back and be in your own space at any time or the whole time. Once you discover and trust your Yes and your No, and dare to be specific about what you like, you will be surprised just how well this can work.
At this event we will play fun connection games, strengthen our ability to discover and know our boundaries and learn how to effectively and compassionately communicate them, and practice asking for what we need. Then we will open the floor to free-style hugging, cuddling, hand-holding, back rubs, or anything else that is platonic in touch. There will be the option to go into other corners to experience different ways of being with others and yourself. This is also an opportunity to meet new friends, and connect with your partner and friends in a soulful new way.
Doors open at 6:30 to meet and greet and settle in.
DOORS WILL CLOSE at 7pm as everyone needs to be there so that we can create the container and present the guidelines and make it a safe space. If you want to participate in this delightful human experience please arrive on time 🙂
Suggested donation: $10-$15 (some work exchange spots are available but you must inquire about that in advance)
Location: 152 Door of Faith Road, Haiku, see directions at bottom of this description
• Please be freshly showered, with clean breath
• No strong perfumes, colognes or scents. People may have sensitivities/allergies
• Please be sober – no alcohol or drugs before/during the event
Feel free to bring a snack and drinks
– Please bring your own water or hot drink in a closed container
– Comfy clothes. Wear something that’s comfortable enough to lay in. (Clothes stay on at all times)
– Optional: You are welcome to bring a pillow, stuffed animal, blanket and a snack. If you have a fold-out futon and want to bring it, please do.
Come and play with us!!!
Directions to the Villa:
152 Door of Faith Road
Haiku 96708
**GPS above address
Turn Right at the sign for:
Hale Akua Garden Farm
Follow road to dead-end-circle
Park on the RIGHT side of road
Enter through trellises
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Listen for free to select chapters of the audio program "Tantra, Sex for the Soul".
Your privacy is as sacred to us as your love-life, we will not be sharing your email address with anyone.
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