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Our mission is to promote:
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deep intimacy in relating,
and an understanding of love and sex
as a spiritual path.

Tantra and Tantric Sex Tips
for better lovemaking

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Sex for the Soul

Tantric Sex and the practices, techniques and spiritual understandings related to it answer some of the most important questions in intimate relating and love making. People from all cultures and age groups are looking for increased sexual fulfillment, are trying to keep the passion alive in long term relationships, are desiring to open their hearts and their bodies fully to their partners, or are wanting fulfillment from relationships that goes beyond the merely physical.

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or on your own the Sacred Loving programs help you open to love, life, health and spirituality in a respectful and comfortable atmosphere and in a variety of ways.

You can learn the art of tantric love making in the privacy of your own home with our video "The Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex", with our Audio Home Course "Tantra, Sex for the Soul" and with coaching sessions over the phone. Alternately you can learn while on vacation in Hawaii in a personalized setting or in a group workshop environment in various locations.

Niyaso Carter, international workshop leader, counselor and co-founder of the Sacred Loving programs has been teaching in this field for 18 years. Her unique gift in this work is her extensive training and experience in both psychology and spiritual practices. She brings together Western psychology with it’s many therapeutic techniques and Eastern practices such as Tantra, Taoism and Buddhism, where life and sexuality are addressed from a spiritual and energetic point of view. This offers participants understanding and growth on many different levels of their being. Niyaso encourages an approach to intimacy, sexuality and Tantra based on self-acceptance, meditation and deep relaxation.

Regardless of your situation in life, it is always the right time to increase your capacity to love and be loved, to connect with your loved ones and with the Divine and to reach for new heights of joy, health and fulfilment in every area of your life. Niyaso Carter and her programs on Sacred Loving can help you to take the next step on the path to happiness and wholeness and introduce you to the art of lovemaking.

What is Tantra?

By Niyaso Carter

I often get asked: What is Tantra and what is tantric sex?
That's because the term Tantra has become popular lately, but few people really know what it means.

Since the famous singer Sting appeared on the television show Oprah and declared that learning tantric sex has enabled him to make love for hours and hours without stopping, lots of people are curious about tantric sex. And yes, prolonged delicious lovemaking sessions are definitely part of Tantra, but it’s not about how long you can do it, it’s about the quality of connection, the love and opening that the exchange creates, the melting with each other and the universe.

My one line answer to the question is this:
Tantric Sex is sex imbued with love that allows us to merge with the divine.

But let me give you a slightly longer explanation as well:
Tantra was a religious sect in ancient India. Buddhists, Hindus and people from various other religions were associated with Tantric sects. What made Tantra different from other religious groups is that the tantrikas, the followers of Tantra, believed that personal fulfillment and union with God, came through living, accepting, and gaining a deep understanding of all of life’s energies and experiences.

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